Nahrungsergänzung - Artikel in "Gesund und schön"

Dietary supplement article in "Healthy and beautiful

Food supplementation as health prophylaxis - An article by Gianni Coria in the magazine Gesund & Schön.

The magazine for health, beauty and vitality is published 4 times a year in German and Italian. The edition amounts to 250'000 copies. The healthy & beautiful is available in health food stores, drugstores and bio stores.

In everyday life, people are exposed to stresses that have a negative impact on their health. To call here for example air pollution, radiations, an unbalanced nutrition, too much stress or the increased consumption of luxury food would be. The possibility of supplying the body with nutrients through a wholesome diet and valuable dietary supplements is available, but is still too little used.

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Exquisite nutritional supplements like CORIALITH, Moringa and BalanceBact to support vital hair, skin and fingernails.

CORIALITH - Swiss dolomite powder supplemented with seeds and herbs

CORIALITH contains minerals and trace elements such as calcium, iron, silicon and chromium, as well as psyllium powder, fennel seed powder, fenugreek powder, nettle seed powder, maqui berry powder, baobab and bamboo fiber.

BalanceBact - food supplement with lactic acid bacteria.

Moringa - leaf powder and vegetarian capsules

  • 100% Moringa leaf powder (Moringa oleifera) from Bali
  • Finely ground leaf powder
  • Raw food quality