Oncohaircare - Medienbericht über Mützen-Häkel-Aktion

Oncohaircare: Media report about cap crochet action

ONCOHAIRCARE is an initiative for cancer patients with their special needs. With information, actions and intensive networking, we support the empowerment of patients for competent co-responsibility. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, over 500,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every year. Many of them have to undergo chemotherapy. Hair loss is one of the most feared side effects. In order to do something good for these people, Karin El Benna, certified hair growth specialist and Oncohaircare specialist, invited to the solidarity action "Crochet caps for chemo patients" in the restaurant Krone Unterstammheim on January 17, 2017. 40 women from the women's association Unterstammheim and the countrywomen's association Oberstammheim accepted the invitation to this solidarity action of Karin El Benna and crocheted an impressive 210 caps. The caps are given to people suffering from cancer through oncology practices and hospitals in the region.

Media report in Andelfinger Zeitung from January 2017 about Oncohaircare action.

Learn more details and background about this special event from 3 press reports: Andelfinger_Zeitung_Cap_Crochet_for_Chemopatients_20170120 Frauenfelder_Woche_Crocheted_Caps_for_Cancer_Patients_20170125 Winterthurer_Zeitung_Cap_Crochet_for_Cancer_Patients_January2017

ONCOHAIRCARE - care of hair and scalp during chemotherapy

Not all types of chemotherapy necessarily cause you to lose your hair, but if you experience massive hair problems such as hair loss, brittle and dull hair, or hair growth stops, we can guide you in caring for your hair and scalp during and after chemotherapy. Actively introduce nourishing nutrients to your scalp and hair, consciously we also recommend supplements such as important minerals and probiotics to build up.