Probleme mit Kopfhaut gelöst - Kundenbrief

Problems with scalp solved; customer letter

Active care for problems with the scalp

We were very pleased to receive this letter from a customer of our hair growth specialist Angela Hasler of Angel Hair in Gerlikon (TG), who was able to solve his problems with the scalp with our products.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen At a lecture of Mrs. Angela Hasler (Angel Hair, 8500 Gerlikon) I could get to know your products Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo and Ayurveda Hair Active Scalp Oil. I subsequently bought both products from her. For decades I (now 70 years old) had problems with my scalp, pimples that appeared again and again and especially dandruff, which was back in large quantities already 1 day after washing my hair. Anti-dandruff shampoo and shampoo of all kinds and many brands were of no use. Already after the first wash with your product it was immediately better and I will certainly continue to use your shampoo. I will also be happy to recommend it to other people. I wish your company continued success in the future.

Yourssincerely (name and address known, but redacted for privacy reasons)