Schlechter Haarwuchs und irritierte Kopfhaut - Erfahrungsbericht

Poor hair growth and irritated scalp

Natural care for hair loss and irritated scalp

Testimonial BellaDerm - Your specialist for hair loss and natural hair growth in Slovakia

Poor hair growth and a severely contaminated, reddened scalp led this customer to YELASAI. For 6 months, our hair growth specialist from Belladerm Slovakia, Alexandra Chrapčiaková has been accompanying this client who suffers from severely contaminated, reddened scalp as well as years of poor hair growth.

Soothed scalp and increased hair growth after 6 months.

The customer is thrilled and happy to have found the holistic care concept of the hair growth specialist after years of procedures, which not only brings her hair back, but also calms her scalp. Out of joy she gladly shares her experience with you.