Schwitzen auf dem Kopf natürlich pflegen mit YELASAI

Sweating on the head naturally care with YELASAI

Hair growth specialist accompanies customer because of sweating on the head

Testimonial 3Werk - Your hairdresser and YELASAI hair growth specialist in Thedinghausen: Hair loss and hair growth YELASAI specialist consultation in Thedinghausen

I would like to share my result (sweaty scalp) once in writing:
So in the past, when I danced at a party, the sweat would already run profusely from my hair in the first few minutes of dancing, which was always extremely unpleasant for me. On the recommendation of my hair growth specialist Margit Lochowicz, I started to massage the Ayurveda Hair Active Scalp Gel into my scalp every evening for three weeks.
Throughout the night I left the gel on my scalp like a cure and in the morning I washed it out with Yelasai Hair Active Shampoo. After the first three weeks, I massaged the Scalp Active Gel onto my scalp only 3 times a week, and later only 1 time a week. What amazed me completely: Already after the first 3 weeks, the result was simply incredible. My annoying sweating on the head has completely stopped. No more wet, stringy hair, no more handkerchief with which I had to constantly wipe the sweat from my forehead and neck. I can now go dancing, play sports and my scalp feeling remains comfortable like it hasn't been in decades. If I stop using Ayurveda Scalp Active Gel for several months, the sweating will slowly become more vigorous again.
A good rhythm for me is to treat my scalp with the Scalp Active Gel once every 14 days.
This creates a lasting soothing scalp sensation for me. I am simply thrilled.