Starker Haarausfall bis zur Perücke? Kopfhautpflege als Alternative

Severe hair loss to wig? Scalp care as a natural alternative

A conversation that gives courage.
Hair growth specialist Bea Rosenbaum and her customer Gerlinde talk about their successful fight against hair loss.

Customer Gerlinde has such severe hair loss that she needs a wig

Severe hair loss to the point of needing a wig? More and more people of all ages are affected by hair loss. Also Gerlinde, an extremely lovely lady, who one day suddenly got such severe hair loss that it became a real problem for her within a short time. Her hair fell out so much over a longer period of time that the scalp showed through and at some point she no longer dared to leave the house without a wig.

Looking for help, she came to Bea Rosenbaum at the salon. The trained and certified hair growth specialist was able to use a detailed scalp analysis and a fully comprehensive consultation to develop an application plan that was precisely tailored to Gerlinde's scalp and hair issues.
After all, the causes of hair loss are so varied and wide-ranging that there is no universal strategy for all people. Only with in-depth analysis and expert knowledge can the problem literally be tackled at the (hair) root. This is the path that Gerlinde has successfully taken, and today she is happy with her hair again. The scalp and hair care program, which Bea Rosenbaum put together with various applications from the Yelasai concept, successfully activated Gerlinde's hair growth. This can be seen from the photo reportage listed. These photos were taken during the application period, which extended over a year.
Gerlinde has also become active herself and has included additional important, further factors for her hair growth success in the course of the applications. With this interview, we would like to show her path and encourage those affected to seek support from a hair growth specialist if they are experiencing hair loss or baldness. These accompany people with scalp and hair loss problems with a holistic approach.

In this conversation, you will also learn interesting facts about the proven Yelasai applications.


Hair growth specialist Bea: Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us, Gerlinde. I basically have four overarching questions for you, which are chronologically structured so that we can get important insights from them for readers and those seeking help. First of all, I would like to ask you to tell me when it all started, or what was going on with your hair back then?

Gerlinde: Well, it started around the end of February, beginning of March 2020, when I suddenly lost more and more hair within a short period of time.

Hair growth specialist Bea: How did that show? Did the hair get caught in the brush or did you have the feeling that it just fell down more? Can you describe that?

Gerlinde: First I noticed that there was a lot more hair hanging in the brush and then there was also a lot of hair on the floor in the bathroom. It was noticeably more than usual. You could also see it on the pillow, and when I just reached into my hair, I had a whole hand full of hair practically every time.

Hair growth specialist Bea: I know your hair loss progression was really massive within a short period of time.
I can very well relate that this must have been stressful for you. How many weeks passed from the first hair loss until you came to me with the problem?

Gerlinde: That was at the beginning of June 2020, so 4 months when it started with the hair loss.

Hair growth specialist Bea: When we saw each other for the first time, there was practically no hair left. The scalp was clearly visible.

Gerlinde: Yes, that's how it was.

Hair Growth Specialist Bea: What all did you try before you found me?

Gerlinde: I then read the book "Heal Your Thyroid" and did 90 days of fasting. I ate a gluten-free diet and no dairy products, no eggs and no pork.
This led to an improvement for the time being. In another laboratory I then had an independent hair analysis done and an intestinal analysis. There were some bacteria in the intestines, but that was not the cause. Mercury was found in the hair, but these values were also within the normal range. As a result, I even did an intestinal rehabilitation. During this time I also found my way to you. This happened practically all at the same time, because I was desperately looking for a solution to my problem.
for my problem.

Hair growth specialist Bea: Yes, I remember. And how did it go from there with you?

Gerlinde: I lost 8 kilos due to a change in diet and felt better than I had in the last few years, so I slowly started eating everything again, although I still avoid wheat and eat a lot of vegetables. Last year I increased this and ate only juice, vegetables and fruit for 4 weeks. I can only recommend that, you should do that every year as well.

Hair Growth Specialist Bea: Okay, now a quick trip back in time to your first visit with me. You basically came to me at the moment when you felt that the hair loss had at least stopped. Not much more could fall out anyway - please forgive my directness - because there wasn't much hair left. We then did an exact scalp analysis with a microscope camera in my salon. How did it go from there, what else did you do for your scalp?

Gerlinde: Normally I would have gone to another analysis sooner, my husband read about it in the newspaper from the, what's his name?

Hair growth specialist Bea: Yes, Hansi Denderlein.

Gerlinde: Yes, exactly, Denderlein. I read about him at the beginning of April. Then it was not so easy at that time, because everything was closed because of Corona. So I first started with therapeutic fasting, so that I became at least a little bit active. On June 17, I got my first appointment with Mr. Denderlein and he sent me straight to you.

Hair growth specialist Bea: That's right. Do you remember what we did then
then, dear Gerlinde?

Gerlinde: You had a detailed conversation with me, looked at everything holistically, did a scalp analysis and then made a kind of application plan, especially special head massages. This helped me a lot, because my scalp was very tight and the hair roots were stuck together.

Hair growth specialist Bea: Yes, that was clearly visible in the pictures,
that we took during the scalp analysis.
Gerlinde: Yes exactly, that's what we found out, the adhesions in the hair roots were one of the
in the hair roots was one of the causes.

Hair growth specialist Bea: That's right. As a result, at 14-day intervals, we gave you massages and scalp treatments that were specially tailored to you.
treatments. We have since extended the intervals. Now you come
scalp treatment every 5-6 weeks.
Over the course of the year, we were able to visibly activate hair growth. A highlight for me was when you once sent me a WhatsApp message in which you said that for you even the hair quality has noticeably improved. That is, the hair itself has improved with the applications even compared to the time before you had hair loss at all! How did you feel about that?

Gerlinde: More! My hair really became more. Well, thicker, to be more precise. But I felt it as more overall. They are not significantly stronger now, but it feels strengthened and overall it creates the feeling that I have more hair now than I did at all before.
Hair Growth Specialist Bea: How do you feel about it now? What's different about it now? Do you like doing your hair now?

Gerlinde: Exactly. Yes I feel comfortable. That's how it is. I am so happy.

Hair growth specialist Bea: Let's still talk about your hair color. I think it's so great that you've gotten beautiful, snow-white hair now. The hair that grows back pushes through, and every time you came back to me, I was surprised at who was standing in front of me. I thought it was an impressive experience because initially we could only cut a little in the back and now we're already doing a real topiary. Then there was a moment when we both thought there were some spots on the scalp. After two weeks we were certain that these were
color stains that you suddenly got back into your hair. What do you think, have you reached your hair growth goal today?

Gerlinde: I think we've pretty much reached our goal. So I don't want to stop completely. I'll definitely continue with the shampoo and I think I'd like to have regular massages on my head, also because it does me good.

Hair growth specialist Bea: Yes, I found that important for the success of your escort. In addition, we have always looked to work energetically and massaged manually in the back and neck area, because you told me that you have a tilted position there and tensions form there. In addition, you have been looking for someone closer to you who can provide additional support to the area. Your daughter also supported you and still supports you with massages.
I also remember you saying in the beginning that you took a fascia roller and knelt down and did a really massive head massage. I love how you went into the solution. You really thought deeply about "What can I do?" and you gave it your all. The success speaks for that. You took it into your own hands, became active in many directions and that's why you got these good results so quickly. I am very happy about that.

Gerlinde: Yes, everyone also says "Wow, you have such beautiful hair. Is that your real one?" I am proud and like to say "Yes, this is my real hair."

Hair specialist Bea: What I never got to see is your wig. You bought one in the beginning. Will you bring it to me sometime? I'd love to see it sometime. You said you only put it on when you went out, when you went among the people or into the city, so that they wouldn't look like that, right?

Gerlinde: Yes exactly, only at home I didn't put them on.

Hair growth specialist Bea: I would like to thank you very much for the open conversation.
conversation, which I hope will encourage many people.