Streuhaare auf der Kopfhaut zur Haarverdichtung

Scatter hair on the scalp for hair thickening

Scatter hairs on the scalp for artificial hair thickening conceal the symptoms.

Scatter hairs are a tool to hide hair problems. Often these fibers are glued to the scalp with extra hair lacquer so that the problems remain invisible for weeks. A dense layer of hair lacquer and stray hairs hinder our holistic and sustainable scalp care for new hair growth.

Artificial hair thickening for bald patches

Canned hair or bulk hair is often used to visually beautify all problematic hair density zones. This is a quick and inexpensive symptom treatment. The application is simple and can be done at home in front of the mirror alone. Once the affected person has straightened the hairstyle, the artificial hairs from the can are sprinkled on the hair and scalp and fixed with spray.

Scattered hair hides the symptoms - Active scalp care promotes hair growth and thus hair thickening.

In the picture you can see the scalp of a person who has not applied stray hairs for 2 weeks and has since washed her hair four times. In the UV light you can clearly see the stray hairs, which are still sticking to the scalp and apparently can only be washed out slowly by shampoos. Therefore, our clients are ready to give up their old tools and start solving the problem of hair loss with active scalp care accompanied by the hair growth specialist.

Scalp analysis with UV light shows the stray hairs on the scalp.