Totalhaarausfall - Neuer Haarwuchs mit YELASAI Pflege

Total Hair Loss - New Hair Growth with YELASAI Care

Natural care of the scalp for new hair growth in case of total hair loss

Testimonial Klipp Frisör GmbH - Your hairdresser and YELASAI hair growth specialist

Alopecia Totalis - hair growth despite total hair loss: In April 2017, this customer with alopecia totalis came to the KLIPP hair growth specialists for a scalp analysis and consultation. In 2013, she lost all her hair and has tried many things since then - but hair regrowth failed to materialize. The active scalp care of the hair growth specialist brought the turning point.

Every month new and stronger hair is visible not only on her head but also on her body.

We thank the client for allowing us to share this interim report with you.

Total hair loss (Alopecia Totalis)

In case of total hair loss, the entire head and body hair is often suddenly lost.

The reasons for such total hair loss are very diverse and can range from a shock experience to poisoning.

Let a certified hair growth specialistguide you back to a positive outlook on life. Through the approach of our certified hair growth specialists, hair growth can be promoted. In addition, hair follicles are provided with the necessary nutrients, helping to create vital and full hair.