Wild, wilder, Locken - So bändigst und pflegst du deine Rebellen!

Wild, wild, curls - how to tame and care for your rebels!

Wild, wild, curls - how to tame your rebels!

Curls: so wild, so cheeky, so wonderful! Nature gives us curls, we have to look after them ourselves. Here are ten exclusive tips and tricks for curly hair.

Waves and curls can gently frame a face and fall softly like angel hair - or be boisterous and headstrong, curling in the opposite direction. Perhaps they reveal something about their owner? They are the dream of many women and often the horror when they are discovered in the mirror in the morning. Curly hair is very individual, lovely or cheeky, definitely likeable and if you look after it properly, the mane is wonderful and enchants with its unique esprit. Natural curls need intensive care and lots of moisture. They are naturally dry and therefore quickly look straw-like and dull. It's not just women who struggle with this problem. You ask yourself: How do I get beautiful curls?

Our guide to caring for curly hair:

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Before washing your hair, apply a hazelnut-sized amount of Yelasai Conditioner to dry hair with the palms of your hands and rinse with lukewarm water. This closes the cuticle and protects the hair from additional degreasing by the shampoo. Because every shampoo dissolves grease, no matter how mild it is.

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The less shampoo, the better. Apply Yelasai shampoo (1⁄2 teaspoon is enough) to the scalp only. The scalp massage loosens the "dirt" on the scalp. Hair does not need an excess of shampoo.

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Yelasai Conditioner is a must after every hair wash. Put 2-3 squirts into an empty bottle, fill it up with slightly cooler water and spread the contents over your scalp and hair. If damp hair is difficult to comb, depending on the length of the hair, you can work 1⁄2-1 teaspoon of conditioner into the lengths, leave on briefly and rinse gently.

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If you wash your hair often or sweat a lot, e.g. during sport, you can also emulsify your scalp and hair in between without shampoo, just with conditioner. This is a mild cleanser without drying out the hair.

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People with curly hair are particularly affected by dry hair lengths and scalp. We therefore recommend using the Yelasai Scalp & Hair Active Masque at least once a month. Apply to wet hair and work into strands until they feel smooth and shiny. This increases the effectiveness of the hair treatment. The cavities are filled and the hair curls beautifully. Dandruff layer created. Apply cream to the scalp for half an hour to nourish your scalp and hair roots. Then rinse with lukewarm water and wash your hair. Apply 2-3 spritzes, comb with your hands, shape and ideally simply leave to air dry without a hairdryer. The bounce and volume of the curls are then extra beautiful and you don't have to style your hair!

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Daily brushing is a challenging task for curls. Basically, the better the hair structure, the easier it is to brush the curls and they become curly again. All the more reason to take good care of them. We know how important hair and scalp brushing is for cleansing and blood circulation in the scalp. It keeps your hair beautiful in the long term and the scalp, the base of the hair, vital and healthy.

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Spray a little Yelasai Hair Active Spray on the hair and the curls will shape themselves beautifully again after brushing. To do this, spread a pea-sized amount of Yelasai Leave In & Repair in the palms of your hands and knead into the ends. You will get a feel for how much you can use to make your hair curl beautifully.

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The Leave In & Repair serves as daily protection and adds up to the effect. Used daily (possibly several times), it protects the ends from drying out and helps with frizz. And we know that when the ends dry out, the whole hair loses substance towards the top. The hair dries out, even to the point of breakage. The conditioner restores substance and thus protects the hair, helping to make the curls more malleable and making them more even, rounder and smoother right to the ends!

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Tip: You can mix the Leave In & Repair with Yelasai Hair Active Styling Gel to give your hairstyle more strength.

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To create a shiny hair texture, mix a drop of Yelasai Hair & Scalp Active Oil with a pea-sized amount of the Leave In & Repair and knead it into the ends of your hair, this will give your locks shine! But beware: oil dries out!