Become a hair growth specialist

This is a great opportunity to expand your range of services as a hairdresser and at the same time support your customers with scalp and hair problems. With active scalp care, you can help your customers feel more comfortable in their skin and boost their self-confidence.

Our training as a hair growth specialist offers you the necessary specialist knowledge and the right tools to professionally advise and support your customers. You will learn how to analyze the scalp, create individual care application plans and recommend the right products.

You will also gain insights into the causes of hair loss and other hair problems and learn how you can promote your customers' hair growth with natural care treatments and cosmetic products.

So if you are interested in taking your career as a hairdresser to the next level and want to be a competent contact person for your customers when they have hair problems, then our training as a hair growth specialist could be just the thing for you. I and my team look forward to accompanying you on this exciting journey!

Gianni Coria, founder of the Hair Growth Specialist Network

You can find out more and delve deeper into the topic in the following video clips:

As a hairdresser, would you also like to support people with scalp and hair problems with active scalp care?

Would you like to support your customers with active scalp care even if they have sensitive hair loss?

Do you also want to accompany people during oncological procedures?

You will learn this in your training to become a hair growth specialist in modules 1, 2 & 3.

What does working with the micro camera involve?

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