Bewertung und Produktetest der Marke YELASAI

Evaluation and product test of the brand YELASAI

YELASAI Evaluation and Product Test

Katharina, a 20-year-old student, suffered from receding hairline and weak hair. She tested the products of YELASAI for 6 months. She has recorded her evaluation of the products and the results of her hair on this website: We sincerely thank Katharina for sharing her experience and evaluation YELASAI.

Get advice from a hair growth specialist - your expert for natural and lasting help with hair loss.

People of today are exposed to many challenges at the same time: stress, hectic everyday life, environmental pollution, poor quality of food and drinks as well as improper care of the scalp can have a more exhausting effect on our organism than often presented. According to statistics, every second person is affected by hair loss. Since about 1999, the so-called hereditary hair loss has been spreading among women as well.

Your hair growth specialist in your area advises and accompanies you with hair problems of any kind through the targeted holistic approach.

Our sophisticated concept consists of Ayurvedic-inspired hair care cosmetics, nutritional supplements and the stimulation of meridian and acupressure points via the scalp. We offer natural and sustainable hair care solutions even for hair problems that have persisted for decades. Our method of hair and scalp care is based on thousands of years of Ayurvedic knowledge, which has been optimally supplemented by new scientific findings of our time. Our hair growth specialists are professionally trained and certified experts on the subject of hair, hair loss and natural hair growth. We support men, women as well as children with our extensive expertise and many years of experience in hair issues of all kinds:

  • Natural hair thickening through reactivation of the own hair roots.
  • For weak and feeble hair
  • Hereditary hair loss or baldness
  • receding hairline
  • Hair crown
  • Circular hair loss
  • Total hair loss
  • Thinning or thinning hair
  • Diffuse hair loss on the entire scalp
  • Hair loss due to medication as well as chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • As an alternative to hair transplantation or as a support for more beautiful and denser hair growth afterwards
  • Hair loss during menopause or after pregnancy
  • Hair breakage and split ends
  • Dandruff
  • Dry scalp
  • Oily hair
  • Brittle, thin and short eyelashes
  • Irregular, thin or poorly growing eyebrows
  • Irregular and sparse beard growth

You too can enjoy the discreet and personalized consultation with the hair growth specialist, the relaxing scalp massage, the beneficial product applications such as exfoliation and mask, and a professional scalp analysis. Find the trained hair growth specialist in your area who will competently advise and accompany you.