Probleme mit der Kopfhaut begleiten mit KLIPP Experten

Problems with the scalp accompany with KLIPP experts

Article from the customer magazine Volume No. 3 / Fall 2018 - The condition of the scalp influences the appearance of the hair. A healthy scalp is the prerequisite for vital hair growth and beautiful hair. If you want healthy hair, you have to get to the bottom of it - and also pay attention to the scalp. Its condition is crucial for the appearance of the hair, and problems can lead to dull, dull or brittle hair and, in the worst case, even to hair loss. High time, then, to pay a little more attention to our scalp. Redness, dandruff, dryness or itching are visible signs of scalp problems. These can have numerous causes: From unsuitable or incorrectly dosed hair care products to hormonal changes and unbalanced nutrition to psychological or health problems. The hairdresser can help identify scalp problems and provide tips for caring for your hair and scalp.

KLIPP hair growth specialists analyze the condition of the scalp using a special camera.

That's why every hairdresser visit at KLIPP includes an assessment of the scalp. Each hairdresser can also provide valuable tips and tricks on scalp care - such as proper brushing and care. If stubborn problems still become noticeable, a treatment by the KLIPP hair growth specialists makes sense: They analyze the condition of the scalp with the help of a special camera, which provides information about growth and rest phases of the hair, bald and flaky areas, supply of the hair roots and many other factors that are crucial for healthy hair growth. Based on these findings, a concept is developed together with the customer with which the individual scalp problems can be treated sustainably. KLIPP works with the Yelasai concept developed by Gianni Coria, which is based on Ayurvedic teachings. Read the whole article about healthy scalp in the KLIPP volume here.