Kopfhautprobleme und Haarausfall - Erfahrungsbericht

Scalp problems and hair loss; experience report

Scalp problems and hair loss - testimonial

Scalpproblems and hair loss can affect many people. Whether it is total, circular, hereditary hair loss or psoriasis, the causes are many. Maria Rivera is a trained hair growth specialist at Bahnhofstrasse 7 in Therwil. She assists those affected with any hair and scalp problems. With the help of a scalp camera and a magnification of up to 200 times, she examines the situation and then gives you individual and competent advice.

Hair growth specialist in Therwil accompanies with scalp problems and hair loss

For more than two years, Coiffure Maria Rivera has been working only with natural build-up and care products based on Ayurveda. "Customers who value chemical-free products of all kinds, and are looking for a relaxed atmosphere, are exactly right with me." For more than 7 years, Maria Rivera has also been offering the hair cutting technique of hair balancing, which promotes the health of the hair and scalp and has a positive effect on the entire organism. "This way of cutting hair is very popular with me". Scalp brushing, as well as an Ayurvedic scalp massage complete the offer, and the hair shines in its natural beauty. Scalp problems and hair loss? You are welcome to make an appointment without obligation. Phone 061 721 29 29 or 076 370 79 07 www.maria-rivera.ch