COVID-19-Erkrankung führte zu Haarausfall und Kopfhautproblemen

COVID-19 illness led to hair loss and scalp problems

Field report by Bianka, customer of Holistic Practice for Hair Energetics | The energetic spa.

At the beginning of 2022 I had contracted Covid. After the Covid illness, I noticed that my scalp had changed. I had clear psoriasis on the scalp, as well as severe itching. In addition, a lot of hair fell out at times. I had done some things to stop the complaints. I often felt helpless and desperate because the situation was not improving. I became aware of Bea Rosenbaum through an advertisement that I "accidentally" discovered. After a short phone call, I decided to book an appointment. During our first appointment , Bea Rosenbaum analyzed me very carefully. Not only my hair was in focus, but my complete life situation. I was able to answer many different questions. At the time, I wasn't exactly aware of why, how and why it had to be like this - I just embarked on the journey. After my year of coaching, I can say that this journey has brought me very far to myself. Positive side effect: My hair loss, itching and psoriasis are no longer there. Through the sessions together I have come to realize what awareness really means, that the inner world is such a big part of the outer world and appearances to the outside are often on the inside. Bea was (and continues to be) a great support to me, not only in the joint coaching sessions, but also beyond the sessions, she answered many questions by phone or short messages. What I really like about the different treatment methods is that a holistic solution is developed together with the client. The client is always the focus. 99% of the time I leave the practice feeling relaxed, grounded and balanced. I am really very grateful that I found Energetik Spa and can only recommend everyone to make an individual appointment.

Thank you for letting us share the experience.