Lasertherapie bei Haarausfall

YELASAI experiences with chemotherapy

I have been a customer of hair growth specialist Karin El Benna for over 20 years and therefore also know Yelasai. In 2012 I had diffuse hair loss and was able to successfully get it under control with active scalp care.

So I started with light therapy for a few weeks and months, and soon the hair loss stopped and new hair sprouted all over my scalp. My relatively thin hair also became stronger.

In October 2021 I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, bone marrow cancer. First I had radiation and then chemotherapy, which continues to this day. From the beginning, whenever possible, I sat under the hood once a week for light therapy, as well as an Ayurvedic head massage.

Through this application I had the hope that my hair would not run out and to this day it is actually the case.

My hair feels good and hopefully it stays that way.

I can highly recommend scalp care from hair growth specialists . She gave me confidence during this difficult time.
Heidi Good

Interview with Ms. Born

I came into contact with the hair growth specialist and Yelasai products before I was diagnosed with cancer because I was suffering from circular hair loss. After the cancer diagnosis, I stopped all treatments such as scalp massage and light therapy. But after I suffered more and more from the immunotherapy and became listless, I turned back to the hair growth specialist . After the first use of the light hood and the scalp massage, I immediately felt better and my energy and drive came back.

Now I regularly visit my hair growth specialist again and use scalp care products from YELASAI at home.

After the first application I immediately felt better and my energy and drive came back.
Ms. Born

Iris Zimmermann, March 23, 2022

After several months of chemotherapy in 2018 with severe hair loss (not total thanks to the cooling cap) and poor hair regrowth after the end of the therapy, I started the scalp care program with my hair growth specialist with the head massage and tonic from YELASAI in May 2021. It was a success settled in quickly and my hair became thick and beautiful.

I found the treatments to be very soothing and invigorating. Since I needed further chemotherapy, which no longer caused hair loss, but was exhausting, I continued the treatments with my hair growth specialist .