Kopfhautpflege bei Prostatakrebs

Scalp care for prostate cancer

My cancer story so far

In May 2020, my urologist first confronted me with possible prostate cancer. The subsequent examinations (MRI, CT and biopsy) confirmed the suspicion.

The shock diagnosis was: prostate cancer with bone deposits in the pelvic area. I am a long-time customer of the hairdresser Karin El Benna . During a next visit, I discussed my illness with a former managing director colleague. Karin overheard and, after the haircut, discussed with me the options for preventing total hair loss after chemo. I tried the suggested application and started using it immediately (July 22, 2021) before the first chemo. I liked the care of a head massage , hair tincture , head cap followed by hair washing . I have repeated the application 22 times so far. At the same time, my wife massaged my hair roots with the Yelasai tincture almost every day. I always enjoyed afoot bath during the head massage. Since the beginning I have had 13 chemo treatments, which I have survived without any serious side effects.

Conclusion of my involvement in the hair sector:

  • I was able to prevent hair loss
  • The hair on the bald spot at the back of his head grew back
  • Karin's head massage is soothing, relaxing and the tinnitus in the right ear disappears for about 2 hours each time.
  • When people find out about my health, they always hear that you look good and still have all your hair. This always makes me happy.

I recommend intensive hair care to all patients diagnosed with cancer. There is no guarantee of success for permanent hair growth. It's definitely worth a try.

Dear Karin, thank you for your commitment. I always feel comfortable with you.
Hansueli Stuber

I recommend intensive scalp care to all patients diagnosed with cancer.
Oncohaircare specialist Karin El Benna