Dickere Haare und neuer Haarwuchs mit Yelasai

Get thicker and more hair with Yelasai

Testimonial from Curly Hairdressers - your hairdresser and YELASAI hair growth specialist in Wemding

For decades the hair has been getting less and thinner and now with over 70 years the customer wanted to know it again. The energetic woman became active and began to care for her scalp intensively according to our recommendation. Weekly under the Vitahairlight and daily the care products of YELASAI, specially composed for the customer.

Thicker hair and more hair density

After only a short time, we saw significant improvements in hair structure, hair thickness and hair density. The scalp can be moved wonderfully again, which is a pleasure for all of us. Our active customer proved once again that even if you are a bit more mature and have had to take medications such as beta-blockers for years, your hair can grow strong and vital again with the right scalp care. Thank you very much for letting us share the result.