Haarausfall durch Stress sowie Neurodermitis und Rheuma

Hair loss due to stress, neurodermatitis and rheumatism

Hair loss due to stress, neurodermatitis and rheumatism

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Stress is an individual issue, as each person reacts to it differently. Prolonged stress is often reflected in the hair.

Stress can lead to hair loss

A 56-year-old female customer fell ill with rheumatism at the age of 17. As a concomitant neurodermatitis of the scalp was added, which was treated increasingly with a cortisone-containing solution. Thus, permanent stress also manifested itself in her with a negative change in hair quality. The hair stopped growing in length and became increasingly thinner. Finally, it was the condition of the scalp that made her look for other options and seek advice. She decided to use YELASAI and the care concept from the hair growth specialist. It was important to her to improve her situation consistently and in a very relaxed atmosphere. For the past two years, she has enjoyed monthly intensive scalp care in my salon. The massages, natural care oils and herbal packs from YELASAI also provide a pleasant break from the customer's stressful daily routine.

The progress is evident for all sides: the hair has become fuller and stronger during this time, and it is growing beautifully in length again. What is also very pleasing is that the customer now no longer needs cortisone on the contour of her forehead in the event of stress, as she used to really "bloom" there. The active scalp care has given the client beautiful hair again. Thank you very much for letting us share the result

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