Diffuser Haarausfall - Professionelle Begleitung mit Yelasai

Diffuse hair loss: professional accompaniment with Yelasai

Diffuse hair loss: New hair after 6 months of care with Yelasai

Testimonial from ADÉVE ORGANIC SALON - Your hairdresser and YELASAI hair growth specialist in Waiblingen

Especially when the hair on the entire top of the head has been getting less and less for years, and the scalp often looks shiny even in the mirror, active scalp care at the hair growth specialist can stimulate hair growth anew. Personal scalp pictures by recording with a micro camera at the hair growth specialist bring understanding to the care approach.

See here a result after about 6 months. The scalp is matt again and due to the first new strong hairs, the view of the scalp is already more opaque than it was at the beginning of the active care from the hair growth specialist. All this without injections and without surgery, the hair is growing back in a natural way.

A big thank you to the customer for allowing us to share this testimonial with you.