Weniger Haarausfall bei den Geheimratsecken mit aktiver Pflege

Less receding hairline with Yelasai scalp care

When the forehead moves sideways more and more up and back and the receding hairline becomes more and more visible, scalp care from the hair growth specialist can be a way to new hair growth.

Less hair loss from the receding hairline with active care of the scalp

Field report ADÉVE ORGANIC SALON - Your hairdresser and YELASAI hair growth specialist in Waiblingen

The hair structure has already changed after 2 months and the result after 5 months can also be seen. Stronger and denser hair motivates the customer to continue to actively practice scalp care. A vital scalp brings hair loss back to a normal state. The hair that falls out on the pillow is reduced, less hair comes out when brushing which already gives a reassuring feeling. As soon as the first new hairs grow back, there is also the confidence that the time invested in the scalp has been worth it. The hair growth specialist accompanies and advises on all aspects of scalp care and vital hair growth.

We sincerely thank the customer for allowing us to share this testimonial and success with you.