Mehr Volumen bei dünnen Haaren - Erfahrungsbericht

More volume for thin hair

Testimonial Korektívna dermatológia,spol.s.r.o. - Your specialist for natural hair growth in Bratislava - Slovakia

More volume with thin hair has been the wish of this customer for many years. She has been suffering from increasingly poor hair growth for many years. The hair was getting thinner and thinner and the scalp is becoming more and more prominent. At the end of 2015, she contacted our hair growth specialist Daniela Vašková from Korektívna dermatológia,spol.s.r.o. After the consultation, she decided to get professional assistance.

Natural care for thin hair

Here is her result after 5 months of active scalp and hair care. The client is happy about her new life feeling and we are glad that she is willing to share her experience and the pictures with you.