Glatze und Haarwuchs - Erfahrungsbericht über YELASAI

Baldness and hair growth - testimonial about YELASAI

Visible hair growth on bald thanks to active care

Testimonial Coiffure Maria Rivera - Your specialist for hair loss and natural hair growth in Therwil

Baldness and hair growth seem to be two mutually exclusive terms in this day and age. Christoph has been bald for 15 years. So he has shaved his head smooth since recruit school. At some point the desire came to let the hair grow again. Through this motivation we found the YELASAI products.

For the past 5 months he has been diligently applying the concept of the hair growth specialist with salon program and home application. Many thanks to Christoph and Maria Rivera (hair growth specialist of Coiffure Maria Rivera from Therwil/CH) for allowing usto sharethe pictures and the experience and continue to enjoy our holistic concept.