Dünnes Haar und verspannte Kopfhaut – Ergebnis nach 15 Monate

Thin hair and tense scalp

Diffuse hair loss and thin hair with very tense scalp in women. Denser and stronger hair through active scalp care.
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Thinning hair in women

As you age, your hair roots may produce thinning hair.

Often the problem lies with the scalp or it is due to a nutrient deficiency.
But hormonal fluctuations - most notably menopause - can also trigger hair to become thinner and thinner.

If you notice that the hairstyle holds worse and worse, the hair breaks off more and more and is faster with split ends, visit a hair growth specialist. He will be able to quickly recommend the right application for you.

However, it is important to keep in mind that thin hair is not a final fate for most women! With the right approach, you can reactivate your hair growth in just a few months.

Report from Salon Capelli - Your Coiffure and YELASAI Hair Growth Specialist in Ingolstadt