Glatzenbildung beim Mann – Ergebnis nach 8 Monaten

Balding in men - result after 8 months

Active scalp care at the onset of male pattern baldness, result after 8 months.

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Hereditary hair loss to baldness in men (alopecia androgenetica)

The cause of hereditary hair loss in men is - as with all hair loss - a hormonal change in the body. In this case, it is a hypersensitivity of the hair roots to the hormone DHT.

The common misconception here is that "inherited hair loss" is something you can't escape.

However, this is not true. If the hair roots are strengthened, the hair can continue to grow even with this "genetic weakness".

We do not promise you miracles, but thanks to our hand-picked products and specially designed head massage for hair growth activation, good to excellent hair results are achieved almost one hundred percent of the time.


The cross with baldness

Men who are bald are 32 percent more likely to have a heart attack than men with a full head of hair. This was studied over eleven years in 37,000 people, and the results were published in the British Medical in April 2013. It was found that men who are bald often also have coronary artery stenosis, or deposits in the bloodstream. Does
this dirt in the blood channels have something to do with the blockages on the scalp? Deposits caused by triglycerides can also be found in the coronary arteries. In any case, the body tries to excrete excess substances, including through the scalp. I call this excretion detoxification. If there is a congestion in the detoxification processes, this is followed by a
a backlog follows. Just like on a road, there can often be a traffic jam for miles. And just as on a road the traffic jam can be cleared, so it is with the scalp, only not quite as quickly. This mentioned study is not meant to spread fear, but to sensitize us - as you surely know, even someone with a bald head can live to be 100 years old. If someone wants hair on his bald head again, then he can "simply" take care of it properly in the biological sense.
I am often asked whether the risk of heart attack is minimized if hair grows again on the bald head. This thought is obvious, but I cannot judge it, certainly this would be worth an investigation one day. (Source: Book "Natural help for hair loss" by Gianni Coria)

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