Dünner werdendes Haar beim Mann

Thinning hair in men

Active scalp care even for hereditary hair loss

Our client had a hereditary predisposition and had noticed a gradual loss of hair for around two years. His hair became weak and the scalp became slightly visible at the back of the top of his head.

In order not to stand idly by, he made an appointment for a scalp analysis with hair growth specialist Katrin Lubrich in Pförring. After this comprehensive appointment for active scalp care and hair growth promotion, the customer began daily scalp brushing. In addition, he used the mild and silicone-free scalp shampoo from YELASAI to strengthen his hair. He also took the YELASAI Hair Active Caps daily and used the hair growth product, Ayurveda Hair Active Tonic and the moisturizing and nourishing Hair Spray.

After just five weeks, significant improvements could already be seen. The hair became thicker and the scalp no longer shone through. The hair in general became more manageable, so that hardly any styling products were needed.

The customer is very positive and we are all looking forward to further hair regrowth.

We would like to thank the customer for allowing us to share his experience.