Haarausfall effektiv reduziert

Effectively reduces hair loss

How our customer successfully reduced her hair loss

When our customer was confronted with acute hair loss at the beginning of 2023, she was deeply distressed. Her hair quickly became greasy, even the swirl was constantly falling out. The scalp slowly became visible and she felt the need to take action.

At the beginning of July 2023, the customer came to the attention of hair growth specialist Katrin Lubrich from Pförring, who recommended a comprehensive scalp care concept that proved to be extremely effective. Initially, the customer visited the salon every three weeks for a special deep cleansing of the scalp. At home, she brushed her hair daily and used YELASAI's anti-hair loss shampoo and leave-in. She also used a scalp scrub twice a week to revitalize the scalp.

After just six weeks, the first successes could be seen. Her hair loss decreased and she was overjoyed. The customer currently visits hair growth specialist Lubrich once a month and uses a peeling and scalp oil treatment once a week. Since December, she has been using Ayurveda Hair Active Tonic twice a day, which she has found to be extremely pleasant and non-sticky.

"I'm already very happy with the results I've achieved and I'm looking forward to continuing my treatment to achieve even more". Says the customer.

We would like to thank the customer for allowing us to share her experience.