Haarverlust und Haarwuchsstagnation

Hair loss and hair growth stagnation

Our client had been suffering from hair loss for several years and the problem that many of her hairs did not grow longer than 4 cm and then stagnated. After a hair mineral analysis, it turned out that she was suffering from nutrient deficiencies. Determined to counteract this, she opted for a comprehensive scalp and hair care consultation with natural hairdresser Lydia Streicher in Hohenwarth in Austria. The customer decided to take Coriase Hair&Vital and apply Hair&Scalp Oil to her scalp once a week. In addition, she began brushing her scalp daily with the boar brush. After just 3 months, the customer was extremely satisfied with the results. The hair, which had previously stagnated at 4 cm, had started to grow again and her entire head of hair was already stronger and more manageable.

We would like to thank the customer for allowing us to share her results with you.