Haarausfall, Juckreiz und Schuppen - Erfahrungsbericht

Hair loss, itching and dandruff - Testimonial

Hair growth specialist advises on hair loss, itching and dandruff

Naturhaar Rosenbaum - your hairdresser and YELASAI hair growth specialist in Uehlfeld: hair loss and hair growth YELASAI expert advice in Uehlfeld.

2 years ago I started losing hair all over my head. Visit to the family doctor, blood sample taken, values in order. Thyroid gland checked, etc. I went to the dermatologist, hair root test. Hair plucked out, result, roots are fine. That was summer 2017, I think in June 2018 I went to a new dermatologist because it just didn't stop. My thick hair was no longer there, doctor looked and found a bald spot above my ear. Why why, no idea. It started with cortisone injections every 2 weeks on the bald spot until September. Improvement zero, the bald spot increases and also at the back of the head my husband found another hair hole. To the scalp itself, when I wash hair on Mondays, they are great, slightly flaky but. latest on Wednesday I have to wash them again because they are greasy and everything itches, and in the itchy places then also very flaky everything comes off. 14 days after starting the active scalp care with YELASAI at Bea Rosenbaum: Thursday morning I shampooed the scalp and hair 2 times, brushed daily in all directions. Today it's my turn to wash my hair again. Hair is again very greasy but virtually no dandruff, minimal was in front what and zero itching!!!! I find that alone already class! Foot bath I have also done and my Corialith drink I drink diligently.

COMPARISON PICTURES: 12 WEEKS AFTER STARTING CARE - The holes are starting to close again. Hair is starting to grow back vigorously.

Please note that the speed of hair growth results vary from person to person.