Natürliche Haare - mit der Kopfhautpflege von YELASAI

Natural hair with scalp care from YELASAI

Active scalp care for naturally beautiful hair

Field report Naturcoiffeur Weishaupt - Your hairdresser and YELASAI hair growth specialist in St. Gallen: Hair loss and hair growth YELASAI specialist consultation in St. Gallen.

In 2015, I decided to have a scalp analysis and consultation with Naturcoiffure Matilde Weishaupt. I had the problem that my hair had not grown in length for years, was becoming thinner and thinner. I was very depressed about my hair situation. During the consultation I saw the many clogged pores and an annoying scalp coating. As a result, I decided to use YELASAI's scalp care program.
The active care has shown steady improvement and still I have a persistent beautiful hair growth, free scalp feeling and my natural hair makes me very happy.