Geheimratsecken und kahle Stelle - Erfahrungsbericht

Geheimratsecken and bald spot

Hairline and bald spot - testimonial

Our client has hadreceding hairline for some time. But she was very startled when she noticed a small hair hole on the top of her head. Her scalp responded extremely quickly to the holistic care program of the hair growth specialist. After 6 weeks of intensive care, it can already be seen that the hole is growing back.

Hair growth specialist accompanies in case of receding hairline and bald spot on the top of the head

Coiffure Maria Rivera - your hairdresser and YELASAI hair growth specialist in Therwil: hair loss and hair growth YELASAI expert advice in Therwil. With this customer you can clearly see how the receding hairline is starting to thicken again. Women often notice hair growth on the receding hairline within 3 months. In men, the hair on the back of the head grows faster. We would like to thank Maria Rivera, Engelcoiffure Therwil and the customer for sharing the pictures.