Natürliche Hilfe bei Haarausfall - Buch von Gianni Coria

Natural help for hair loss - book by Gianni Coria

Natural help for hair loss: book by Gianni Coria

Dear customers and interested people, the third calendar week in November was the last week of this year when I was on the road in Austria visiting customers at hairdresser Ingrid Linz, Klipp Wels, Coiffure Kolo Vienna, Frisör am Platz Feldkirchen an der Donau.

My experiences with clients who do our YELASAI program

I was allowed to experience again how hair grew back in people of all ages - no matter if man or woman, senior or child - and of all professions. Some of them suffered from diffuse hair loss, from hereditary hair loss or had undergone hair transplants. All of them are clients and customers whom I have now been able to accompany at regular intervals for a year or sometimes longer. The great news: the hair rebuilt in all of them, and some, for example, were able to do without stray hairs with confidence and pride because they simply felt good again. Others have stopped taking their minoxidil preparations, and their hair is now growing back strongly rather than thinly. One woman started the cure a year ago - gray-haired - and after a record time of only twelve months she was able to enjoy beautiful brown hair. It was only through the photo comparison that she really became aware of the wonderful result. I am very happy about the hair growth specialists who already accompany people in eight countries every day with professionalism and thus ensure a better quality of life for those affected. I would also like to thank all the customers who have placed their trust in the network of holistic hair growth specialists.

New book "Natural help for hair loss" by Gianni Coria

From December 12, my book "Natural help for hair loss" will be published in bookstores. With this work I provide you with insights into what happens on the scalp every day, which products and therapies - with all their advantages and disadvantages - are offered on the market and how the path to new hair can actually succeed. My ambition is to offer you real help so that you can have beautiful hair for a lifetime. The book can already be pre-ordered today, and I hope you enjoy reading it and discovering all the information that no one has shown you so far. I wish you a wonderful Advent season. Your Gianni Coria

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