Hoffnung bei Haarausfall – Bericht über Haarwuchs-Spezialistin in Bülach

Hope for hair loss - report on hair growth specialist at Bülach hospital

Bülach woman gives hope to people with hair loss: Report in the Zürcher Unterländer of February 8, 2022.

Hope for hair loss - The report:

Sascha Gerber shows photos on her cell phone of a customer with a so-called hair ring. Where three months ago there was a completely bald spot in the middle, a delicate fuzz of hair has now formed. For the trained hairdresser, this is a sensation. Six months ago, Gerber underwent further training as a hair specialist with the Yelasai company and came across not only some promising products, but also a philosophy of holistic advice for customers.

"I was so happy to see success with this first client," says the professional, explaining what a holistic treatment looks like. The first thing she does, she says, is have a conversation with the client, during which she gains insights into nutrition and psychological well-being. "The hair is looked at closely, and then I can make a recommendation for further treatment."

Treatment once a week

Of course, the successes don't come overnight. Depending on the hair problem, clients come once a week for three months for treatment, which consists of brush massages, peeling and special packs. "In addition, disciplined work must be done daily at home according to instructions."

Depending on the client, this means regular brush massages, rubbing in tonic or applying hair oil. "The scalp is supplied with blood through all these measures and hair growth is stimulated in a natural way."

For all problems such as circular or general hair loss, thinning hair and poor hair growth, it is important not only to treat them externally, but also to take special products such as Corialith, which develop their effect thanks to minerals and trace elements. Sascha Gerber also advises against shampoos that contain silicones.

She recommends appropriate products with natural ingredients that are tailored to the customer during the detailed initial consultation. "Our method of caring for skin, scalp and hair builds on the developments and findings of Ayurvedic teachings." To[1]this, Gerber also speaks from her own experience. "I received two anesthesias within a short period of time due to an illness and experienced hair loss. Thanks to Corialith, my hair quality has improved a lot."

Small hairdressing salon in the hospital

Sascha Gerber encounters a completely different clientele in the small hairdressing salon located in Bülach Hospital. Here, palliative patients often drop by her place. "It's nice to be able to do something good for these people, to wash their hair, brush it or give them a new hairstyle."

The 54-year-old is very empathetic, empathizes. "People are allowed to cry with me, too. They know they're going to die soon." If she has time, she also accompanies patients to their room after their haircut. She has experienced customers with tough fates. "I suffer with them, too."

She feels particularly close when one of her customers dies. "Then many tears flow." Nevertheless, it is a matter of concern to her that fears may be expressed, that she may give people her hand on their last journey. "There is always a guardian angel there to take them along, even on their last journey." Sascha Gerber has not only experienced beautiful things on her life's journey. "I attended many seminars on the subject of death and dealt with it intensively."

The salon in the hospital is public, she says. So she is sometimes asked by patients if they can also go to her for hair styling when they are no longer ill. "This has led to some long-term customer relationships." For the mother of two daughters, contact with people is the best part of her job. "You have to be understanding of all people."

Report by Ruth Hafner Dackerman

Do you wish for hope in hair loss?

Hair loss and hair growth YELASAI specialist consultation in Hochfelden and Bülach

As a certified hair growth specialist in Hochfelden and Bülach, Sascha Gerber can advise and guide you in maintaining healthy hair and hair problems of any kind through a holistic approach. The sophisticated concept consists of Ayurvedic-inspired cosmetic products for hair care, products specifically adapted to the hair and skin area for nutritional supplementation and the stimulation of meridian and acupressure points via the scalp. To activate hair growth , Sascha Gerber offers you an effective and holistic solution concept. For hair care and hair maintenance , only natural products are used, which are selected based on individual personal needs.

The hair growth specialist Sascha Gerber offers consultation:

  • For natural hair thickening through reactivation of the own hair roots.
  • Nourishing and restorative cosmetics
  • for weak, feeble, thinning or thinning hair
  • incase of hereditary hair loss, baldness, receding hairline, crown of hair
  • in case of circular, diffuse hair loss up to total hair loss
  • irregular, thin or poorly growing eyebrows
  • irregular and sparse beard growth
  • with stressed skin, dandruff and skin prone to itching