Stumpfe Haare und Geheimratsecken - Pflege mit Yelasai

Dull hair and receding hairline

Natural scalp care for dull and weak hair.

Field report from Naturally. Beautiful. Natural hairdresser Manuela Funke in Neuenstadt am Kocher.

Dull hair?

Having beautiful hair is not everything, but if you have beautiful, strong and vital hair, you feel good in your own skin. The customer had been suffering from her receding hairline and her dull and weak hair for a long time.

When you know that you used to have hair and you can see it shining through in the mirror, your day can start out annoyed. Thoughts keep turning to the more and more visible scalp, which can be exhausting. At the end of October, the customer decided to talk to hair growth specialist Manuela Funke about her hair situation.

A detailed conversation showed the care options and the customer started motivated with the active care of YELASAI at natural hairdresser and hair growth specialist Manuela Funke of Natürlich.Schön. in Neuenstadt am Kocher .

After a little more than 4 months, one can clearly see how the hair structure improves and the shine and strength return to the hair. To the further joy of the customer, one sees how the new hair in the Geheimratsecken begin to sprout again.