Pflege bei Kreisrundem Haarausfall und Stress

Care for circular hair loss and stress

Customer of hairdresser, Margit Maria Riederer from 85774 Unterföhring reports about her experience with YELASAI:

The last few months have been a real challenge for me. I opened a new business and was under a lot of stress as a result. One day, while jogging, I noticed the intense sun on my head. During a brief pause, I ran my hand over my scalp and, to my horror, discovered a bald spot.

I was shocked and didn't know what to do. So I immediately contacted my hairdresser, Margit Riederer. She recommended YELASAI scalp care to me. I was skeptical, but I was also desperate and willing to try anything.

Right from the start, I wanted to get started intensively and get the complete care package. So I started to exfoliate the bald spot with the Ayurveda Scalp Active Peeling , i.e. the scalp peeling from YELASAI. Used the hair growth product, Ayurveda Hair Active Tonic twice a day and the scalp oil once a week. In addition, I only washed my hair with the YELASAI anti-hair loss shampoo . After showering, I cared for my body with body neem oil . Margit Riederer also carried out professional scalp care in her salon.

In addition to hair care, I started taking the alkaline drink Corialith and the Coriase Hair&Vital micronutrients to support my body from the inside out.

After just four months I noticed a significant improvement. The bald spot was gone and my hair felt stronger than ever. I was overjoyed and couldn't believe it.

Today, a few months later, I am still thrilled with the results. My hair is strong and healthy and I feel very good! I am very satisfied with YELASAI care products and can recommend them to anyone who, like me, struggles with hair loss.

Many thanks to Margit Riederer and YELASAI for the excellent support and the great scalp care products. You changed my life!

Many thanks to the customer for allowing us to share the results.