Haarausfall bei der Frau und dünnes, fettiges Haar

Hair loss in women and thin, oily hair

Experience report from a customer of Katrin Lubrich, 85104 Pförring

At the end of June 2023, I turned to the hair growth specialist Katrin Lubrich from Pförring because I had been suffering from acute hair loss since October 2022, possibly in connection with a corona infection in July 2022. My hair was dull, greasy quickly and hardly grew back.

After a thorough scalp analysis , Katrin Lubrich recommended special and active scalp care: I should have a weekly salon treatment in the first month, then every 14 days in the second and third months. At home I should use the Yelasai brush , a special anti-hair loss shampoo and a conditioner leave-in product, as well as apply the hair growth product Ayurveda Hair Active Tonic and the Ayurveda Hair Active Spray every day. I should also take the C oriase Hair&Vital micronutrients .

After just three weeks I could see the first results: my hair stopped falling out as much and felt healthier. But that's not all: my fingernails became stronger, my skin improved and my natural hair color even became darker.

I am thrilled with the results and can only recommend the complete scalp care and scalp analysis with the micro camera from Katrin Lubrich .

Many thanks to the customer for allowing us to share the results.