Haarwuchsexperte Coiffure Maria Rivera

The power of light

A conversation with Maria del Carmen Rivera. She runs a hair salon in Basel Land (CH) and talks about her passion, visible successes and applications with Hair Active Light.

Dear Maria

You completed your training as a hair growth specialist in 2016. How did your customers react to the new offer?

They were thrilled! Especially because I have been using natural products ever since. My customers can also use these easily and easily at home. I noticed that many young people suffer from hair loss - caused by everyday stress or poor nutrition. And I've also noticed more hair problems since the pandemic.

You also use the Hair Active Light for scalp care. How and when?

I use the Hair Active Light primarily for hair growth therapy in combination with massages, peelings and herbal oil masks. The hair mask has a complementary effect and helps to repair split ends or care for chemically damaged hair. But I also have customers who just put themselves under the light. Especially popular in the winter months. And you can see: the hair becomes thicker and grows faster. I really enjoy using the light when coloring. The herbal color lasts longer and has a natural glow. It is also helpful during chemotherapy. Hair Active Light is a truly versatile device!

You also trained as a KPU specialist. What was the reason?

I always asked myself how I could support my customers even better, and that's how I came across KPU training. My primary aim was to understand the connections between hair loss, hormonal balance and metabolism. I now offer the test to all of my customers who have hair loss. I go through a list of all possible symptoms with them. If the test is positive, I will advise accordingly. If progress is slow, I keep looking.

Are there any tips on how to recognize the KPU yourself?

Most customers with hair problems come directly from a dermatologist or other doctor. In most cases, countless examinations have already been carried out and there are a number of symptoms that indicate KPU: hair loss, depressive moods, chronic fatigue, poor concentration, thyroid and hormonal disorders, susceptibility to infections, impaired wound healing - to name just a few.

How quickly does the treatment work? And what do you have to pay attention to in order to have lasting success?

In KPU there is a combined deficiency of zinc, manganese and vitamin B6. In the case of a deficiency, it means that you have to replenish the depot of these trace elements and vitamins - with the help of dietary supplements.

I check the progress of the treatment at regular intervals to see whether we are successful. The first results should become visible after around 3 to 6 months. But that is really very individual.

If you have the impression that you have the KPU, can you contact us if you have any questions? What is the best way to reach you?

Of course I am happy to answer any questions. Just write me an email to info@maria-rivera.ch .

We would like to thank you very much for giving us an insight into your everyday life and wish you continued joy and success!