Haarwuchsexpert Dornbirn Maischön

Healthy hair: a holistic question?

A conversation with the owner of the Maischön hairdressing salon Birgit Nöckl and hair growth specialist Nici Neyer about the concept, success and the most emotional experiences.

In 2013, Maischön decided to focus intensively on the topic of hair growth. What were the motivations for this step? Were there any concerns?

Birgit Nöckl: Hair loss is a sensitive issue for hairdressers. Supporting hairdressers is time-consuming and long-term, although general forecasts are rather pessimistic. Nevertheless, we immediately sensed that Yelasai faces the problem in a completely different way. We were immediately impressed by her caring and empathetic approach.

You have been implementing the Yelasai care concept for almost ten years.

Birgit Nöckl: Right. We always achieve real success with Yelasai products, and that motivates our employees. Young colleagues are happy to be trained as hair growth specialists . But sales also show: Yelasai products are our absolute bestsellers.

Nici, you are part of Maischön’s team of hair growth specialists. How did that happen?

Nici Neyer: I was affected by severe hair loss five or six years ago. I stopped taking the pill then and lost half of my hair in the two years after that. I ran from doctor to doctor, from alternative practitioner to alternative practitioner, but no one could help me. Physically, I didn't miss anything. At the time, we were already working with Yelasai products in the Bregenz salon and I saw this as my last hope. And it helped! (She laughs)

When did you start using the Yelasai care concept with hairdressers?

Nici Neyer: We quickly realized that hair growth is a very popular topic. My training as an Ayurveda health advisor came in handy. Little by little I started with scalp analyzes and applications. I now advise and support all my hairdressers in this way.

How do your hairdressers react to such intensive advice?

Nici Neyer: Very good! It is often young women whose hair is becoming increasingly thin. But also people after corona disease or during menopause. You notice a change after the first use of Yelasai products: your scalp and hair feel different. After two or three months, the scalp improves and fine hair grows back.

What was the best experience you had through the Yelasai care concept ?

Nici Neyer: A customer came to me after pregnancy with severe hair loss . She had huge holes and they were getting worse! — The effect became apparent very quickly. She also felt better mentally from week to week. When I saw her so radiant on the next visit, it was my most beautiful experience.

Dear Ms. Nöckl and Ms. Neyer, we thank you for the interview!