Fünf Lebensmittel für gesunde und schöne Haare

Five foods for healthy and beautiful hair

Most people are not aware of how much influence nutrition has on our scalp and therefore on hair growth.

Have you heard other people say things like “I’m already taking silica” or “I’m already taking biotin, but that doesn’t help either”?! Hair growth specialist and state nutritionist Patricia Valderrama Alvarez usually responds to such statements, "Yes, it's great that you're already supplementing your diet. But what does your diet look like in general? Which foods do you already use to promote hair growth? Patricia recommends five foods that make a useful contribution.

Walnuts and almonds

These types of nuts contain a lot of zinc and biotin. Zinc is important for a healthy immune system. Biotin promotes beautiful hair, skin and nails and protects against hair loss. A small handful every day also supplies our body with valuable unsaturated fatty acids.

Spinach and chard

Raw spinach in salads or smoothies is particularly rich in iron. This in turn enriches our blood with oxygen, which is essential for hair growth. Spinach and chard also contain a lot of folic acid, which gives the hair a healthy shine.


I definitely recommend adding oatmeal to your daily menu. Be it as muesli, porridge or for baking. It's not for nothing that oatmeal is an absolute all-rounder. Due to their high fiber content, they promote our digestion and thus help the intestines detoxify. The zinc it contains promotes the formation of the protein collagen. This is responsible in the body for ensuring that the hair can anchor itself well in the scalp.

However, you should be economical when consuming meat and sausage products. The cholesterol it contains not only clogs our arteries, but also our scalp. Likewise carbohydrates in the form of simple sugars. In addition to the classic table sugar, these also include brown raw cane sugar, rice syrup, date syrup, agave syrup, honey, etc. Simple sugar puts a strain on our organism, promotes obesity and cardiovascular diseases, fuels cravings and, last but not least, has a negative influence on our hair growth.

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