Glück, Zeit, Freude

Happiness, time, joy

Annette Hundeshagen has been running her own hairdressing salon for 40 years and is increasingly confronted with the issue of hair loss.

Her mother's hair loss was the trigger for Annette Hundeshagen to take a closer look at this problem. Her curiosity was aroused when a colleague recommended that she try Yelasai products. Annette was immediately fascinated by the holistic approach of reinterpreting old recipes and offering effective natural care. She was so impressed by the principle of avoiding chemical additives that she decided to start training as a hair growth specialist.

Since then, she has been asked more and more frequently about the subject in her salon and customers seek her advice. The problem of hair loss has become increasingly present in recent years. Annette works closely with her customers to develop individual care solutions. The implementation of the new strategy and the use of Yelasai care products ultimately lead to happier customers - a healthy scalp and regrowing hair.

Two trained hair growth specialists now work in her salon in Hüpstedt. They are happy to take time for particularly challenging cases, such as hair loss following health problems or scarring. After 3-6 months of intensive care, they achieve excellent results and customers can return to their usual scalp care routine with shampoo and oil.

Another focus is on aftercare following hair transplants. Here it is crucial to continuously care for the scalp.

Annette sums up: "Especially nowadays, more and more customers are seeking advice because their hair is getting thinner and thinner.