In einem Löffel alles drin!

Everything in one spoon!

In order for the body to stay in balance, it needs supplemental micronutrients in addition to a diet that is as balanced as possible.


Food no longer contains the abundance of nutrients to meet personal needs. I find it simply impossible to eat the amounts of fruit and vegetables that are required on a daily basis. It is known that a lack of vitamins can promote hair loss. So this can be the result of an undersupply and thus a sign to take a closer look here. For these reasons, we have decided to have our own preparation developed that meets our quality standards.

At first it didn't seem easy to find a suitable partner for the development and production of the Coriase Hair & Vital micronutrients. My wife then referred me to the HCK micronutrients that she was taking herself during pregnancy. This gave her the good and secure feeling of supplying her body with exactly the substances it needed. I am pleased that in Hepart AG we were able to find a Swiss company that has specialized in this field for decades.

HCK has been on the market for a long time, many doctors and therapists recommend it and its effectiveness has been proven several times by studies. This gives security and creates trust. It was important to me to offer a micronutrient mixture that comes as close as possible to nature. With HCK, all substances are incorporated into a purely vegetable, prebiotic biomatrix, which is why they can be optimally absorbed. The high bioavailability can be compared to fruit and vegetables. In principle, this is complex, but very simple for the user: all vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and phytochemicals are taken with just one spoon - it's all there!

The feedback is very good and repeatedly confirms that we are on the right track with the focus on Hair & Vitality . The users primarily feel fitter by taking the micronutrient mixture. They get less tired during the day and don't fall into the midday slump after eating. What is important for us is the feedback that the hair loss is normalizing - in one woman the improvements were already apparent after eleven days. I recommend waiting at least two months. It just takes time for the nutrient stores to be replenished. Customers use Coriase Hair & Vital very individually, some for three months as a spring or autumn treatment, others take the mixture continuously.

Hair Active Experts themselves take very different approaches: Some work with it preventively. Two months before you start active scalp care, let the nutrient depots fill up. For this purpose, for example, the mineral powder from dolomite (Corialith) is combined with the Coriase Hair & Vital micronutrients . Others use the preparation after realizing that the customer is not eating a balanced diet or is suffering from stress. Stress increases the need for nutrients and can trigger patchy hair loss. Coriase Hair & Vital, on the other hand, offers a healthy balance.

There is a great need for information on the subject of micronutrients. The media often says that a balanced diet is enough to provide you with all the essential substances. This statement needs to be corrected. The arguments can be found in regulatory and orthomolecular medicine. Laboratory measurements show that many have deficits in the supply of micronutrients.

In many cases, people also shy away from the idea of ​​having to take many individual preparations. This is not the case with HCK or Coriase Hair & Vital . Saying “everything in one spoon!” makes it easier to find acceptance for the next step.