Unter Strom

under power

Chronic stress is one of the main causes of lifestyle diseases — mostly in connection with an unhealthy lifestyle.


There is a lot of talk about stress: stress at work, the double burden of family and work, interpersonal conflicts, financial burdens, etc. On the other hand, one stress factor is hardly anchored in public awareness: electrosmog. Electromagnetic radiation puts stress on the brain. In times of homeschooling and working from home, education seems more necessary than ever - for a moderate use of digital media and for effective protection against electromagnetic radiation.

The first step

With the help of the heart rate variability measurement, I find that many of my patients suffer from regulatory rigidity, a kind of blockage in the autonomic nervous system. This blockage appears in connection with a breathing exercise: Normally, the pulse slows down when breathing calmly. Instead, the pulse remains high. The body does not relax and there is no regeneration and no build-up of the body's own reserves.

Immediately after such a measurement, I give you a few tasks to take home with you: »Suppress your smartphone with Gabriel technology and put it away as often as possible. Turn off the WiFi router at night. Switch off all electronic devices completely when not in use, rather than leaving them in stand-by mode. Drink enough and do simple breathing exercises.”

positive changes

My top premise as a naturopath is: Help people when they are ready to change their lives. That means: I expect patients to take responsibility for their tasks at home. Because later I can measure when the patient has carried out the recommended measures conscientiously.

After the initial diagnosis, there is usually a follow-up appointment four to six weeks later. When HRV is measured again, I notice the first positive signs in the autonomic nervous system. Protection against electrosmog and relaxation exercises form a good starting point for further treatment.

risk of habituation

Artificially generated electromagnetic fields affect people. They weaken the body. But some are more sensitive to it than others. In most cases, a habitual effect has already set in and many do not perceive electrosmog. Health risks remain and — worse — they will increase in the future.

Against stress and electrosmog

A general rethink is needed. I can only accompany people to become aware of how they deal with stress, to protect themselves from electromagnetic radiation and to activate their natural self-healing powers. Especially at night you have to organize low-radiation zones. Gabriel Technology helps us improve our ability to regulate and adapt. A Gabriel chip for the smartphone reduces stress symptoms. And if, for example, you no longer carry your smartphone in your pocket for a few weeks, this affects the subjective perception of pain. For my part, I never tire of explaining how important it is to protect our brain from constant stress.