Margit Lochowicz Haarwuchs-Spezialistin

I'm in the right place and feel like I've arrived

Hair loss can affect anyone. Margit Lochowicz also knows this. As a hairdresser, this fate hit her particularly hard.


A hairdresser with hair loss and thinning hair - that wasn't possible for Margit Lochowicz, but she suffered from it due to illness. The stroke of fate came in 2017: She developed rheumatism, had to take strong medication and suddenly had to struggle with hair loss. As a hairdresser it was a disaster for her...

By chance she heard about Yelasai for the first time. What Margit didn't know back then: Soon, at the age of 62, she would gather all her courage and open a salon with a completely new concept.

Margit asked where she could attend a Yelasai seminar. Today, when she remembers it, she laughs: with bright red hair full of hairspray, she sat next to natural hairdressers. One of them said to her: "You'll think completely differently this evening." For her - with her thin hair - this was unimaginable at the time. But within a day that changed completely.

At that time it was clear to her: She didn't want to continue like this anymore, neither with her hair nor with that of her customers. Margit tried natural colors instead of chemicals and switched her hair care to Yelasai products. Little by little her hair came back. She also saw the first successes with her customers. But it was unsatisfactory that the consultation was neglected.

In April 2022, at the age of 62, Margit decided on a new business model: relying entirely on the Yelasai philosophy. Since then, says Margit, she has become much more relaxed and enjoys working again. Because she and her colleague Heike Lilienthal can take their time and look after their customers more intensively.

From her own experience, Margit knows far too well what needs people with hair problems or hair loss have. It's important to her and her colleague that customers feel accepted, and she has the space and time to show that in her new salon.

Heike Lilienthal sums up the motivation: “We want to make customers happy.” She remembers an experience with a customer: He had been to many doctors because of his hair problems and had tried many things. He sat with me for fifteen minutes and just told his story. At the end he said: “This is the right place for me, I feel like I’ve arrived here.” And Margit smiles: “Me too!”