Haarwachstum anregen mit ganzheitlicher Kopfhautpflege

Stimulate hair growth with holistic scalp care

Full, shiny hair is a byword for health and beauty in our society. Men and women suffer all the more when hair falls out or hair growth is restricted. Hair loss can have many causes, ranging from stress and hormonal changes to diseases and genetic changes. But what promotes hair growth and how can you strengthen your hair and stimulate hair growth? YELASAI has developed natural care products for customers that can accelerate hair growth. In addition, hair wax specialists are also available as the first point of contact for hair problems. In this article we will explain to you what options there are for stimulating hair growth.

The causes of hair loss can be varied

Before we get into how you can stimulate hair growth, let's first talk about the causes of hair loss. Hair loss can occur at any age and is always distressing for those affected. Appearance, and hair in particular, is often closely linked to one's self-esteem, and losing hair leads to reduced self-confidence. So before you look for a solution on how to stimulate your hair growth, the cause is crucial.

These are the most common reasons for hair loss:

  • genetic predisposition

    Heredity plays a big role in hair loss. Androgenetic alopecia, also known as genetic hair loss, is the most common form of hair loss and is influenced by genetic factors.

  • hormonal changes

    Hormonal changes can lead to hair loss. In men, hair loss is often caused by the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes hair follicles to shrink. In women, hormonal fluctuations during menopause, after pregnancy or due to hormonal imbalances can lead to hair loss.

  • Diseases

    Various medical problems can cause hair loss. Examples include thyroid problems (eg, underactive or overactive thyroid), autoimmune disorders (such as alopecia areata), infections (eg, ringworm), or skin disorders (eg, psoriasis).

  • medications and treatments

    Certain medications can cause hair loss as a side effect, such as chemotherapy drugs, antidepressants, blood thinners, or drugs used to treat high blood pressure. In addition, radiation therapy can also lead to hair loss in the irradiated areas.

  • stress and psychological factors

    Intense or prolonged emotional or physical stress can also trigger hair loss. This type of hair loss is called telogen effluvium and usually occurs a few months after the triggering event.

  • nutrition and deficiencies

    An unbalanced diet, especially a lack of certain nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin D or B vitamins, can also negatively affect hair growth.

Hair loss is a complex problem and is often caused by a combination of different factors. It is therefore important to first get to the bottom of the cause in order to then be able to successfully stimulate hair growth again.

Analysis of the scalp with the scalp camera

The condition of the scalp allows conclusions to be drawn as to why the hair falls out and, above all, how you can stimulate your hair growth. Of course, there are many remedies for hair loss. In order for these to be effective, however, they must be tailored to the "problem". During the scalp analysis, the experts look at your scalp with a magnification of up to 200x. This allows them to see how well the hair roots are being nourished, how many hairs are currently in the growth phase and whether every scalp pore is actually filled with new hair.

After the analysis, the customers receive detailed advice on how to stimulate hair growth and which care products are best suited for them. In this way you will find a care solution that is tailored to you.

How can hair grow faster?

The good news is that if you are suffering from hair loss or are unhappy with the current condition of your hair, you don't have to put up with it forever. First of all, it is important to avoid factors that promote hair loss. A balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins can stimulate hair growth. It can also be helpful to avoid stress and to ensure that there are enough rest and relaxation phases in everyday life. Good hair care is at least as important as a healthy lifestyle to keep hair healthy, minimize hair damage and stimulate hair growth.

Stimulate hair growth in women with natural care products

Hair loss in women is often hormonal. Especially during pregnancy or the menopause, the body experiences a significant change. As women get older, they often find that their hair is thinning, breaking or tending to split ends. However, the most common form of hair loss in women is diffuse hair loss, which affects the entire scalp. Along the vertex, increasingly bald spots form, which continue to spread.

It's reassuring to know that this doesn't have to be permanent and that women don't have to put up with their hair loss. But what stimulates hair growth in women? Active scalp care from YELASAI can stimulate hair growth at the beginning of hair loss, very fine and thin hair, and hair loss caused by medication. The YELASAI care series offers hair care products that supply the scalp with valuable nutrients and thus strengthen the hair roots.

A tip : for women with short, thin or damaged eyelashes, there is the Ayurveda Lash Active Tonic , which can also stimulate eyebrow growth. The product can help you get fuller, thicker and more expressive eyelashes again.

Stimulate hair growth: Men also benefit from natural hair care

Hair loss in men is often hereditary. First, a receding hairline develops, which keeps expanding, or a tonsure develops at the back of the head. This process can start at a very young age, often even as early as the age of majority. It is important to start reactivation of hair growth as soon as possible. The sooner you look for a care solution, the better you can stimulate your hair growth. But what makes hair grow faster in men who suffer from hereditary, circular or diffuse hair loss?

After a thorough hair analysis, the CORIALITH base drink made from minerals is often recommended to men. It is a dolomite powder with herbs, calcium, chromium, iron and silicon from a Swiss dolomite rock. It can be prepared as a drink and can be used for incipient hair loss, greasy hair and an inflamed scalp. Discover the other care products that can be individually tailored to your needs and the condition of your hair and stimulate hair growth in a natural way.

Does hair grow faster in summer?

Hair growth rate is mainly determined by genetic and individual health factors and generally remains constant throughout the year. However, the impression may arise that hair grows faster in summer. This is because many people are more active outdoors during the warmer months, which exposes hair to more sunlight and vitamin D. Vitamin D is associated with the regulation of the hair cycle and an adequate supply can stimulate hair growth.

Additionally, the improved blood flow to the scalp in the summer due to the warmer temperatures and increased activity can potentially contribute to improved hair growth. Healthy scalp circulation is important for nourishing the hair follicles. However, these factors only have a minor influence on hair growth and the differences in the growth rate are minimal. Hair growth essentially remains a continuous process that is not greatly affected by the seasons.

Stimulate hair growth after chemotherapy

Chemotherapy uses drugs to kill or stop cancer cells from growing. Unfortunately, these drugs can also affect healthy cells, including cells in hair follicles. Chemotherapy can damage the hair roots and disrupt the normal growth cycle of the hair. As a result, the hair can gradually become thinner and eventually fall out. Not all types of chemotherapy cause hair loss - the effects of the drugs on hair depend on the specific drug and dosage.

After the treatment is complete, the damaged hair roots often recover very slowly. Therefore, those affected ask themselves: What promotes hair growth after chemotherapy and how can I stimulate hair growth? YELASAI accompanies women and men in all phases of therapy.

  1. Accelerate hair growth before therapy

    It is worthwhile to consult hair active specialists before starting radiation or drug therapy. With special massage and Ayurveda care treatments, the scalp can be made supple and prepared for the oncological treatment with care products that strengthen the hair roots. In this way, hair growth is already possible during chemotherapy.

  2. support during treatment

    Once radiation or chemotherapy has started, the fear of the beginning of hair loss is particularly great. Even the best care products sometimes cannot prevent hair from falling out or thinning under therapy. However, the specialists can advise and accompany you so that the hair grows back better during or at the latest after the end of the therapy. They put together a special care series for you that can stimulate hair growth.

  3. Stimulate hair growth after completion of chemotherapy or radiation therapy

    In around 5% of chemotherapy patients, hair stops growing after the end of the therapy. The right care products after treatment can support the scalp, strengthen the hair roots and thus promote natural hair growth. This means that patients can enjoy their hair growing back more quickly.

Stimulate hair growth by massaging the scalp

The better the scalp is supplied with blood, the better the hair roots are supplied with nutrients. Therefore, massaging the scalp can promote blood circulation, stimulate the hair follicles and improve the supply of nutrients to the hair roots. A massage with the Ayurveda Scalp Active Massage Oil can therefore stimulate hair growth and lead to stronger and thicker hair growth.

Is there a home remedy for hair growth?

Even without hair loss, many people ask themselves the question: what can be done to make hair grow faster and what can stimulate hair growth? After all, both men and women generally want full, strong hair that shines and thus becomes a symbol of strength and vitality. Before you resort to medication or deal with a hair transplant, you should find out how you can alternatively promote hair growth.

  1. Accelerate hair growth with dietary supplements

    In the fast-moving and hectic world, a healthy lifestyle is often neglected. Poor nutrition and a lack of important nutrients also have an impact on the scalp and hair roots. Dietary supplements can promote the vitality of the scalp and hair and thus stimulate hair growth. This can be particularly useful in the case of excessive stress and acute deficiencies. The CORIASE Hair&Vital micronutrients, for example, can also be used in the event of severe hair loss. The micronutrients are selected in such a way that they interact with each other and compensate for deficiencies. Also discover the other supplements such as the Hair Active capsules .

Stimulate hair growth now with YELASAI care products

Regardless of whether you are suffering from hair loss or simply want to promote your natural hair growth, YELASAI offers you a hair care concept that is individually tailored to you. All products consist of natural ingredients that are supplemented with natural fermented herbs. During fermentation, herbs are broken down with the help of valuable microorganisms and converted into useful substances such as enzymes, amino acids and vitamins.

YELASAI scalp and hair care products are certified according to Approved Nature - a seal for natural cosmetics and special foods. The products are completely free of synthetic fragrances and colorings and do not contain any synthetic flavors or synthetic preservatives. The care series was developed in Switzerland. Together with the specialists you will find care products and dietary supplements that are individually tailored to you and your needs and can stimulate hair growth naturally without hormones or medical interventions.