Über die Gesundheit und schönes Kindeshaar

About the health and beautiful hair of children

If a child sweats quickly on the head, this is an indication that he or she may later suffer from hair loss. If parents start activating scalp care at an early age and pay attention to a balanced diet, they will help their little ones grow healthy hair.

A baby's head is much larger in relation to its body than in adults, and the scalp is used to regulate internal balance. Sweat and sebum are excreted in different compositions and in different degrees of acidity.

Annoying sweating

If an imbalance occurs, for example if the breastfeeding mother is hyperacidic, infants can develop cradle cap, a crusty rash that is seen as a precursor to neurodermatitis. To balance out this type of adhesions on the scalp, you can use a natural care oil to help, and the mother should make sure to eat a more alkaline diet.

In general, there are people who suffer from hypersecretion, an increased production of body fluids and glandular fluids. Even those who don't appear to be sweating obviously can be affected. With the help of a micro camera you can see these tiny beads of sweat on the scalp.

Others have sweat running down their faces and their hair sticking damply to their foreheads. Even an ordinary hot meal makes them sweat. This phenomenon can lead to hair growth problems in the long term.

The smallest vessels bring nutrients

Frequent sweating on the top of the head is often an indication of an imbalance. Even if the scalp has enough blood supply, negative environmental influences are obstacles to healthy hair growth. The fine blood channels, which are even thinner in diameter than a fine hair, supply the hair papilla with nutrients. If these small veins are affected, they become increasingly unable to fulfill their task.

Over time, if scalp care continues to be neglected, follicles, skin layers and connective tissue become agglutinated. The finest hair blood channels atrophy due to deposits in the blood and supply the hair papilla with fewer and fewer nutrients.

Health begins in the stomach

Nature is designed in such a way that the organism excretes waste products through the scalp and frees itself of disruptive substances. Of course, our connective tissue buffers a lot, but this system also reaches its limits. And the degree of contamination of the connective tissue is already defined in the mother's womb.

Even if it is sad, poor nutrition, excessive consumption of luxury foods and medication put a strain on the child growing in the womb. In developed countries, it is increasingly common for women to suffer a miscarriage during their first pregnancy. Despite psychological pain, fetal loss has a natural biological side: the female body cleans itself to create better conditions for the next child.

It is therefore advisable for both parents to carry out a vitamin-mineral analysis six to twelve months before conception and to undertake a cleansing treatment in order to prevent deficiency symptoms.

There are already reliable, gentle and natural care products available to ensure healthy hair growth for your baby.