Graue Haare: Natürliche Pigmentierung

Gray hair: natural pigmentation

Gray hair is often a sign of aging, but it can also be caused by stress, an unhealthy diet, and the use of synthetic hair care products. It is encouraging to hear that through targeted detoxification, inner balance and stress relief, as well as reducing the use of synthetic care products, the original hair color can return.

The story of Andi Fuchs is a perfect example of this. He started our scalp care program when he was over 60 and is now seeing his natural hair color coming back stronger and stronger.

The Science of Gray Hair

Scientists from the University of Bradford (UK) and the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz found the reason for gray hair: hydrogen peroxide, a stable liquid compound of hydrogen and oxygen. It occurs in small amounts everywhere in the human body — including in the hair. With increasing age, the body can no longer effectively break down hydrogen peroxide. The latter attacks the enzyme tyrosinase, which is responsible for the production of the natural hair pigment melanin, and the hair turns gray.

Grandparents didn't have gray hair?

Not even a hundred years ago, many people rarely turned gray until their eighties. Many customers told us that their grandparents didn't turn gray until they were ninety. The fact that this is now increasingly affecting younger people, even those in their thirties, is a modern-day phenomenon.

Of course, there have always been people who suddenly turned gray overnight. The trigger can be a shocking experience or the loss of a loved one.

The question arises: Can these processes be reversed? How to break down hydrogen peroxide and compensate for the lack of melanin?

Balanced diet for gray hair

Our experience shows that a nutrient-dense diet, supplementation with a wide range of B vitamin supplements, and nutrient-dense scalp care products can support normal hair pigmentation.

If you do a targeted detoxification at the same time, you ensure inner balance and stress relief, if you also reduce synthetic care products, the original hair color can very often return slowly and naturally. So good news: If someone has gray hair, it doesn't necessarily have to be forever. As the contribution by Andi Fuchs shows, among other things.