Symbol der Verletzlichkeit

symbol of vulnerability

Those affected remember well the moment of their cancer diagnosis. The feeling of helplessness and insecurity. This moment leaves a deep impression on your personality. And hair loss as a side effect is often perceived as a catastrophe.

In the middle of my life I found out that I had breast cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy. My hairdresser and hair growth specialist Karin El Benna introduced me to the Oncohaircare care concept . I didn't have to think twice and decided on the care program a week before the first chemo.

I had chemo every three weeks for the first three months, then once a week after that. About three weeks after the first chemotherapy treatment, I noticed hair falling out. At some point it was only twenty to thirty percent. To feel more comfortable, I had the rest of my hair cut short and chose a real hair wig. I felt a little more comfortable with her.

My hair growth specialist accompanied me through this difficult time and encouraged me not to give up and to work on new hair growth. And actually: just seven weeks later I was able to see the first hairs growing back. I was only halfway through my chemotherapy and the first hair was already growing back. It gave me a good feeling: things are looking up!

At times it seemed like nothing was changing and my despair spread. But each time I was able to convince myself of the progress: the photos that we took every two to three weeks clearly showed me that I was wrong.

Karin gave me strength and motivated me to keep going. I really enjoyed watching the hair grow and occasionally shared my little successes with friends. And it was so nice to receive such lovely feedback. On the last day of chemotherapy my hair was around three centimeters long.

I would have a hair growth specialist accompany me again at any time. I found it extremely positive and helpful, which is why I continued the treatments even during the radiation therapy, which was energy-consuming for me.

What helped me to endure the stressful time of chemotherapy better? The motivating conversations gave me courage and confidence. I felt somehow safe and always had the impression that I was doing something good for my body by taking care of it.